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Temperature Forcing System

Temperature Forcing System

  • Temperature Forcing System
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Temperature Forcing System

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In order to ensure that the equipment can normally achieve robust flash memory read and write operations under extremely harsh temperatures (such as oil and gas exploration, heavy industry, and aviation), a temperature-forced system is required to perform high and low temperature cycle tests to verify reliability.

From traditional applications such as semiconductor test failure analysis and device description to more widely used printed circuit board and electronic component testing.

Places that customers can use: such as test benches, production equipment or laboratory instruments. PCB module test systems have a wide range of temperature adjustment capabilities with speed accuracy and portability.

Testing Method:
1.Place the chip or module under test in the test cavity, and press the heat flux cover on the test cavity.
2. Set the temperature range to be tested.
3. Start the equipment, use an air compressor to pass dry and clean air into the internal refrigerator of the high and low temperature testing machine for low temperature treatment, and then the air reaches the heating head through the pipeline for heating, and the airflow enters the test chamber through the heat flow hood. The temperature sensor can monitor the current temperature in the cavity in real time.
4. Under the chip test platform, the equipment quickly rises and falls to the required set temperature, and the working state of the chip at the set temperature is detected in real time, providing a reliable data basis for product analysis, process improvement and directional quality traceability.

Working Principle:
1. The output airflow cover of the machine probe will be covered by the test product to form a test chamber with a relatively closed space. The high or low temperature airflow output by the testing machine will cause the surface temperature of the test product to change drastically, thus completing the corresponding high and low temperature impact test.

In order to ensure that flash memory can normally achieve robust flash memory read/write operations in extreme temperature environments (for example, oil and gas exploration, heavy industry, and aviation), temperature testing is required before leaving the factory. The hot and cold cycle impingement airflow tester is also: ThermoStream, ThermoJet, Thermalair, Thermoonics.

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