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Fluorinated Liquid Cooling Heating System

Fluorinated Liquid Cooling And Heating Temperature Control System is widely used in the semiconductor manufacturing process to control the temperature of the reaction chamber, the temperature control of the heat sink plate, and the temperature control of non-flammable fluids where heat transfer is required. It is suitable for semiconductor chip manufacturing processes, power devices, and avionics Cooling and heating temperature control in equipment.

Not only provide good performance in many heat transfer applications without negatively impacting personal safety and environmental sustainability. Fluorinated liquid refrigeration and heating temperature control is a non-flammable insulating liquid fluorinated liquid, which has the characteristics of wide operating temperature range and easy maintenance. It is an ideal substitute for traditional cooling liquids (such as water, water glycol or oil). The liquid fluoride refrigeration, heating and temperature control system has a wide range of applications, from the cooling of the semiconductor process to the cooling of aerospace electronic equipment.
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