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Wafer temperature test system

Wafer temperature test system

  • Wafer temperature test system
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Wafer temperature test system

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Semiconductor Wafer Thermal Test System

Conductive heating and cooling system for wafer testing at temperature. Its main purpose is for wafer testing in probe stations, as well as laser trimming and wafer aging. Some specialized applications include low-leak detection (class fA) and high-voltage detection (up to 10kV).

l 65°C to +300°C

l 150mm, 200mm and 300mm

l The existing probe station can be modified

The system is usually highly configured for a specific probe station. Important parameters needed to match your application:

l Chuck size (diameter)

l Need temperature range

l The brand and model of the probe station chuck, and the location where it will be installed

l Whether plating is required on the surface (gold or nickel)

l Other considerations (low noise detection, high voltage detection, etc.)

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