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Gas Cooling Chiller(Semiconductor)

Gas Cooling Chiller(Semiconductor)

  • Product Description

It is used to cool the gas (non corrosive) or recover it as non corrosive gas by condensation and liquefaction.

Pressure resistance of gas heat exchange system: 25bar; The temperature range is - 40 ℃ ~ - 75 ℃, which can meet different temperatures;

The secondary subcooling technology is adopted, with rapid refrigeration and low refrigeration temperature;

Semi closed piston compressor, scroll flexible compressor and fully closed piston compressor of imported brands are adopted;

The evaporator adopts casing heat exchanger, which has the advantages of small volume, long residence time and high efficiency;

Danfoss expansion valve and Emerson electronic expansion valve are adopted, with high temperature control accuracy;

Siemens plcs7-200 / 300 and lneya touch screen display are used for automatic control operation;

The whole machine is installed. The system has been tested in the factory. Users only need to install the refrigerant pipeline and cooling water pipeline to run;

Factory test: each refrigeration unit shall be tested with load in the factory for no less than 12 hours;

Model LQ-4015 LQ-4030 LQ-4060 LQ-40100 LQ-7515 LQ-7530 LQ-7560 LQ-75100
LQ-4015W LQ-4030W LQ-4060W LQ-40100W LQ-7515W LQ-7530W LQ-7560W LQ-75100W
Gas flow 15m3/h 30m3/h 60m3/h 100m3/h 15m3/h 30m3/h 60m3/h 100m3/h
lowest temp. -40℃ -40℃ -40℃ -40℃ -75℃ -75℃ -75℃ -75℃
Heat exchange area 0.8m2 1.5m2 3m2 5m2 1.5m2 2.5m2 5m2 9m2
Heat exchanger material Standard configuration sus304 contains a small amount of copper
Gas inlet and outlet diameter G3/8 G1/2 G1 DN50 G3/8 G1/2 G1 DN50
Control System Programmable controller and module
Display and record 7-inch color touch screen, record curve temperature and alarm conditions
compressor France Taikang/Emerson Copeland
Power supply 220V 50HZ 220V 50HZ 380V 50HZ 380V 50HZ 220V 50HZ 220V 50HZ 380V 50HZ 380V 50HZ
1.2KW 1.8KW 3.5KW 7KW 2KW 3KW 6KW 11.5KW

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