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Liquid High-Low Temp. Test Chamber

Liquid High-Low Temp. Test Chamber

Liquid High-Low Temp. Test Chamber

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The liquid impact test box (also called liquid tank impact test box) adopts stirring convection liquid medium instead of circulating air medium for heat transfer, which can meet the rigorous test requirements. The system structure can be divided into high temperature liquid tanks (preheating zones). The cryogenic liquid bath (precooling zone) consists of two parts, which are controlled by mechanical transmission components to alternately place test samples into high and low temperature baths to simulate the transient environment between high and low temperatures.
The liquid impact test chamber is suitable for the simulation evaluation of the reliability of the aviation industry, defense industry, automation components, auto parts, electronic and electrical instrument components, semi-conductor and other related products and materials under conditions of rapid changes in ambient temperature to determine the reliability of the product. Whether the parameters such as sex and stability can be qualified or not, the test provides the basis for predicting and improving the quality and reliability of the product.

Performance characteristics:
1. Forced stirring convection is used in high and low temperature liquid tanks.
2. The automatic upper, lower, left, and right displacement mechanism is used to move the sample basket to the preheating and pre-cooling tanks, and the way of the round-trip impact.
3. Use a single identical liquid in the high and low temperature tank to reduce the cost of frequently changing liquids.
4 using the original LCD integrated Chinese and English color LCD touch screen controller
5. The equipment can meet the needs of the site and can choose water cooling or air cooling
6. The thermal shock mechanism movement time is within 10 seconds LNEYA application LNEYA application

Technical parameters:








Basket size







Liquid tank size







High temperature bath temperature range


Cryogenic tank temperature range



Tank transition time


Temperature fluctuation


Temperature uniformity


Way of working

Automatic mechanical suspension moves up and down to high and low temperature tank

Housing material

Cold rolled plate spray

Liner material


Internal bracket

Aluminum profiles

Nitrogen interface

Internal nitrogen interface

Refrigeration Compressors

France, Taikang, Emerson Copeland, Danfoss, Italy, Ling

Cooling method

Air-cooled or water-cooled

Safety devices

Leakage, short circuit, over temperature, motor overheating, overload, over-current protection with self-diagnosis function; freezer overload protection; high pressure switch, lack of cooling water protection and other security features

Carton material

Quality carbon steel plate. Phosphating electrostatic spray treatment / SUS304 stainless steel matte line hairline processing

Power supply

220V 5KW

380V 8KW

280V 10KW

380W 6KW

380V 10KW

380V 12KW


GJB 150-86 GB 2423-22

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