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High-Low Temperature Test Chamber

High-Low Temperature Test Chamber

Application: Various Reactors, Distillation or Extraction System, Laboratory, University, Research Institute, Aerospace, Automotive Industry, Semiconductor and Electrical Test, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Biochemical, Biological and Other Industries.

  • Product Description

Performance Characteristics Of Low Temperature Test Chamber:

1. In the refrigeration system, the condensation adopts air cooling mode, which has a wide temperature control range, which can meet the user's various needs.
2. With a unique balanced temperature control method, with stable and balanced heating capacity, high precision and high stable temperature control can be carried out;The temperature is displayed by touch screen, easy to read, precise and convenient.
3. Adjust the temperature error value to meet more accurate test conditions.With the setting of temperature, it is easy to operate the refrigeration circuit.
4. The box door is equipped with a large observation window, which can observe the test status of the test sample at any time.
5. with functions of high temperature on, can open the refrigerator when the temperature in the oven to 150 ℃, facilitate continuous round-trip experiment was carried out between the high temperature and low temperature.
6. Self-diagnosis function, overload protection of refrigerator, high pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device, etc., to ensure the safety of use.
7. Use the multi-wing fan to supply the wind with strong air circulation and avoid any dead Angle, so that the temperature can be evenly distributed in the test area.
8. Wind circulation is designed with wind return wind. The wind pressure and wind speed are in accordance with the test standard.
9. Temperature rise, cooling and system complete independence can improve efficiency, reduce test cost, increase life span and reduce failure rate.

Technical Parameters:
Model GD-4525 GD-4550 GD-45A0 GD-7525 GD-7550 GD-75A0
cubage 220L 500L 1000L 220L 500L 1000L
Temp. range -45℃~+150℃ -75℃~+150℃
Temp. accuracy ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃
Temperature uniformity ≤2℃
Heating rate 2.8℃/min
Cooling rate 2.5℃/min
Heating power 2KW 3.5KW 5KW 2KW 3.5KW 5.5KW
Nickel-chromium alloy electric heater, control itself has 2 protections, add independent
temperature limiter
Controller LNEYA  PLC AndModules
Program editor Can edit 15 programs, each program can be programmed 45 steps.
Touch screen LNEYA  7 inch color touch screen
Data record Temperature curve record (can be exported to EXECL format by U disk), alarm information record.
Communication RS485 interface Modbus RTU protocol
Compressor Emerson Copeland Scroll Flexible Compressor France Taikang/ItalyDorin Compressor
Drying filter Danfoss/Emerson.
Oil separator Emerson
expansion valve Danfoss thermal expansion valve. Danfoss thermal expansion valve
+ Emerson electronic expansion valve.
Refrigerant R404A R404A+R23 Mixed refrigerant
High temperature cooling Can satisfy 150 degree direct start compressor cooling.
Sight window 200×300 200×300 300×400 200×300 200×300 300×400
Instrument connection Leftφ50 Leftφ50 Lefφ100 Leftφ50 Leftφ50 Leftφ100
Heat preservation Polyurethane foam + ultra fine glass fiber.
Liner material SUS304 Stainless steel plate
Shell material Cold rolled plate spray
Inner dimension mm 650*600*760 800*735*800 1000*1000*1000 600*650*760 800*735*800 1000*1000*1000
Dimensions mm 950×1100×1860 1100×1250×1900 1300×1500×2150 950×1100×1860 1100×1250×1900 1300×1500×2150
Weight 280kg 390kg 620kg 320kg 420kg 680kg
Power380V 3.8kw 6.5kw 9.5kw 5kw 8.5kw 12kw
Standard Accessorias 1 copy of product specification, 2 pieces of test stand, 1 piece of silicone rubber.;
Optional 220V 60HZ three-phase, 460V 60HZ three-phase
Optional Optional: wider range of temperature, minimum temperature to -150 degrees, maximum
temperature to 300 degrees.
Optional Optional cooling method for water cooling (low noise, good cooling effect)
Optional Explosion-proof type is optional.

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