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Semiconductor Test

  • Dynamic Temperature Control System-Sundi SeriesDynamic Temperature Control System-Sundi Series2018/01/25Chiller, water chiller, chiller machine, chillers, freezer, deep freezer applied to reactor system autoclaves, pilot systems, mini plant system, advanced-flow reactors, material testing
  • Chiller/Cooling Circulator -LX/LT/FLChiller/Cooling Circulator -LX/LT/FL2018/01/25Chiller/cooling circulator -LX/LT/FL for Reactor system, Multi-reactor system, Semicodeuctor system, Chemical pharmaceutical, Laser equipment, Testing machine, Biotechnology,Research/lab/university, Food/medical/hospital, Laptop/mobile phone, Vacuum chamb
  • Cooling Heating Temperature Control SystemCooling Heating Temperature Control System2019/06/06Small thermostat control system; Distillation system temperature control; Low temperature and high temperature aging test of materials; Semiconductor equipment cooling and heating.
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