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Heating Temperature Control

Heating Temperature Control

  • Heating Temperature Control
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Heating Temperature Control

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1. UST-series with the function of cooling down from high temperature and the temperature range from 250℃ to 50℃.

2. Equipped with heating and cooling system, large heat exchange area, rapid speed of heating-cooling, the small demand for heat conducting medium.

3. Can heating and cooling continuously.

4. The whole system is closed, there is no oil mist at high temperature, no volatilization of heat conducting medium at high temperature.

5. With inter temperature sensor PT-100 to adjust internal circulation temperature.

6. The whole system is a closed liquid circulation system with expansion tank, the expansion tank, and liquid circulation are thermal insulation, do not participate in liquid circulation, regardless of high or low temperature, the medium in the expansion tank is limited to 60℃.

7. Allow fill in 15℃ cooling water, to enlarge temperature range of 25℃ to 250℃.

Heating temperature control system consistent with SUNDI-series, but with only heating function, cooling can flow in water to cool to room temperature.


The system with feedforward with PV, the master PID loop operation results of the PV output and feedforward signals as the composite of the settings from the control loop, through such control of the temperature gradient to ensure the accuracy of temperature control system.

Model LY-3020 LY-5020 LY-A020 UC-3020 UC-5020 UC-A020 UC-A1520 UC-A2520 UC-A3820
Temperature range 50℃~200℃
Controller PID adaptive controller
Temp. control optional Heat-conducting medium outlet temp. control
 Communication protocol  MODBUS RTU protocol  RS 485 interface
Temperature feedback Heat-conducting medium temperature feedback PT100
Temp. accuracy ±0.5℃
Heating power 3kW 5.5kW 10kW 2KW 5.5kw 10kw 15kw 25kw 38kw
Cooling capacity 200℃ 2KW 5.5kw 10kw 15kw 25kw 38kw
100℃ 1.3kw 4kw 8KW 12kw 20kw 30kw
65℃ 0.6kw 1.8kw 3.4KW 5kw 8.5kw 12kw
Circulation pump Max10L/min1BAR Max35L/min2BAR Max50L/min2BAR Max10L/min
Max110L/min  2.5BAR Max110L/min  2.5BAR
Heater Flanged pipe electric heater
Independent temperature limiter Lneya
Cooler Plate heat exchanger/Tube heat exchanger
Operation panel Display set temperature and measured temperature,key operation input temperature
Sefety protection Self-diagnostics;high pressure switch,overload relay、variety of security features such as thermal protection devices
Closed circulation system The entire system is a fully enclosed system,no oil mist at high temperatures、low temperature does not absorb moisture in the air,the system does not increase the pressure due to high temperature during operation,the low temperature automatically replenishes the heat transfer medium
Connection size G1/2 G3/4 G3/4 G3/4 G3/4 G3/4 G1 DN-32 DN-32
Dimensions cm 45*65*120 45*65*120 45*65*120 45*65*120 45*65*120 55*68*145 70*100*175 80*120*185 100*150*185
Weight 30kg 70kg 80kg 65kg 78kg 128kg 170kg 290kg 380kg
Power AC 220V 50HZ AC 380V 50HZ AC 380V 50HZ AC 220V 50HZ AC 380V 50HZ AC 380V 50HZ AC 380V 50HZ AC 380V 50HZ AC 380V 50HZ
2.2kW (max) 5.9kW (max) 10.8kW (max) 3.5kW (max) 5.9kW (max) 10.8kW (max) 15.7kW (max) 26.5kW (max) 39.5kW (max)
Case material Cold rolled sheet spray
Optional Optional 7-inch color touch screen,recording temperature curve,data export using excel format
Optional SUS304 shell
Optional power  220V 60HZ three phase,440V~460V 60HZ three phase


Typical application of refrigeration heating temperature control system

Dynamic thermostatic control of cold and heat source of high pressure reaction kettle, dynamic thermostatic control of double layer glass reaction kettle, and dynamic thermostatic control of cold and hot source of double-layer reactor.

Microchannel reactor thermostatic control, small temperature control system, steam - feeding system temperature control, material low temperature aging test.
The thermostatic control of the combined chemical cold source heat source, the cooling heating of the semiconductor equipment and the heating temperature of the vacuum chamber are controlled.

Advantages and functions of temperature control system of refrigeration

Temperature range from 120 to 350, performance superior, unique, high - precision, intelligent temperature control.
High cooling power from 0.5 to 1200kW, highest production stability and repeatable results.
Multi-function alarm system and safety function, use plate heat exchanger, tube type heater to increase heating and cooling rate.
7-inch and 10-inch color TFT touch screen graphics display, use magnetic drive pump, no re-seal leakage problem.
Full airtight system, extended thermal conductivity liquid life, very wide temperature range, no need to change liquid media.
Ultra-high temperature cooling technology can be cooled directly from 300 degrees of high temperature.
The principle and the function has many advantages to using staff: because only expansion of cavity in the body heat conduction medium contact with oxygen in the air (and expansion tank temperature at room temperature to 60 degrees), can achieve lower heat conduction medium absorbed by oxidation and the risk of air moisture.
No heat conduction medium evaporates at high temperature, and it can be achieved -80 ~ 190 degrees, -70 ~ 220 degrees, -88 ~ 170 degrees, -55 ~ 250 degrees, -30 ~ 300 degree continuous temperature control without pressurization.

Adopt full closed pipe design, adopt high efficiency plate heat exchanger, reduce the demand of heat conduction liquid, improve the heat utilization rate of the system, reach the rapid lifting temperature.Thermal conductive medium in a closed system, with a container, expand the heat-conducting medium not participate in circulation in the container, whether high or low temperatures, expansion tank temperature to room temperature to 60 degrees, can reduce the heat conduction medium in running the risk of absorb the moisture and volatile.

The outdoor installation of air-cooled chillers makes it easy to be affected by outdoor sunlight, and  the ventilation and the environment and space has a direct impact on the cooling effect of the chiller. Today we are going to talk about the common failure and processing methods:

(1) Frequent start and stop of the compressor: there may be too much or too little refrigerant, resulting in pressure protection switch action which is resulted from too high exhaust pressure or  too low suction pressure, and also poor water system circulation make sevaporator surface frost.

Method: When the refrigerant is too much, the extra can be released at the vent. If there is a shortage, check whether there are leaks of the fluorine and fill the refrigerant.

If the water circulation system is blocked or stored in the air, you should exhaust; if water circulation too small, utilize the open refrigeration water circulation system.

(2) Noisy compressor when running: check whether the expansion valve fails, the temperature package discharges the suction pipe from the compressor, which causes the liquid refrigerant return to the compressor. If it is damaged, it should be repaired, for example, if the compressor is damaged, it should be replaced.

(3) Poor refrigeration capacity: the cause of the poor refrigeration capacity may be the insufficient refrigerantand low evaporation temperature that makes the  por cooling effect of pipeline; poor heat dissipation of the condenser; too large the resistant of the water circulation system,etc..

The refrigerant pipe should be checked for leakage and fill the refrigerant after repairing.You should repair the insulation layer and Clean the condenser to check whether the fan is working properly as well as clean the pipe filter.
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